Transforming the kosher food scene...

This has been coming for a long time.

All the components necessary for a total metamorphosis are present- market, tech, products, expertise. Consumers are desperate for a wider variety of kosher ingredients; suppliers are eager to oblige consumers; and most importantly, there is a vast kosher world out there, just waiting to be brought to Europe.

Right now, the variety of kosher food leaves a lot to be desired, and distributors are keen to change that.

Enter KTrade, the expo which will rock the very foundations of the UK kosher food scene.

KTrade is set to take consumers on a wild gastronomic journey which will explore the wealth of products, flavours and substitution options the kosher world has to offer- as well as open the doors of opportunity wide for distributors from across the globe, creating a seriously big market for items previously unheard of in Europe. By introducing a wider range of distributors, it will also encourage current suppliers to up their game so as not to be left out of the running- resulting in better service, a more diverse range of products and a more explorative approach to food.


Many consumers have probably never even heard of your product- or, at best, were unaware it was available in Europe. Raise awareness of your food item so local groceries will start stocking it. Share your expertise/product with caterers, party planners, grocery store owners, and people who love trying new dishes, alerting them to the breadth of the market.


With shopkeepers, distributors, shipping companies and niche food specialists so you can see your bottom line shoot up and your client pool explode. Housewives looking for healthier dinner options, food intolerance sufferers and gourmet restaurant owners… meet them all.


Dieticians, nutritionists and allergy experts… these are all specialty fields, each with its own vital criteria. Jewish consumers are desperate for more substitution options in their cooking; until now, the UK was poorly equipped to provide for those who couldn’t handle certain ingredients. But you can change that.


Those ingredients and speciality food items you’ve always wished you could purchase locally instead of lugging over suitcases from the US- or, more often, going without.Find new items from your favourite brands to try for a total fridge makeover.


Fed up of breaking your head over recipes, trying to figure out what half the ingredients even mean? Get creative in your kitchen with a wealth of new ideas and ingredients- discovered at KTrade, set to transform your menus.


Nut allergy? Want more MSG free? Bigger dairy range? Or do you/your family have special dietary requirements? Meet the people that matter- distributors, suppliers, grocery owners- and tell them what you want for your chance to create lasting change in the kosher food industry.




Who will the exhibitors at KTrade be?

Anyone with a product to sell, or a food-related service to promote, stands to benefit by exhibiting. That includes event managers, distributors, suppliers who want to raise awareness of their product and companies that promote products formerly unavailable here.

What type of visitors are expected to attend?

Almost anybody who is interested in food- and who isn’t? – will want to be there. Think nutritionists, allergy sufferers, grocery owners, factories looking to go kosher, caterers, party planners, foodies… the list is endless.

Can I get advice on how to set up my stand, and which kind to book?

Our event managers are happy to help with all of your questions and queries regarding your stand.  Please give us a call or drop us a line if you need any assistance.

Will there be parking at the event?

If you are driving to ExCeL, you can make use of 3,070 parking spaces. Parking for up to 24 hours is £20 in the Orange car park (under the main venue) and the East car park (when in use). Parking in the Royal Victoria multi-storey car park is £20 for up to 24 hours.

How can I ensure maximum attendance at my stand?

Firstly, we are happy to offer advice and practical tips in setting up your stand in a way that is eye-catching and designed to pull the public.

Secondly, we will send you links with ready templates for you to forward on to your entire contact list, informing them of your stand location and inviting their attendance.

Additionally, we will be promoting KTrade everywhere- on social media, ads, articles etc- to draw the big crowds to the event, and, ultimately, if you play your cards right, your stand.