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Posted on Wednesday December 22nd, 2021

Don’t miss out, book your KTrade stand today.

With so many leading and up-and-coming players in the kosher food sector clamouring to sign up to KTrade, there’s already a palpable buzz about the 11th May 2022 event in the air. So what’s causing all the excitement?

For a start, KTrade is going to be more than a conference, it’s the start of a revolution in the European kosher food market.

Despite the thriving US and Israeli kosher food sectors, it’s no secret that Europe lags behind. Customers lack choice, and producers lack distribution networks. Yet, as it turns out, much of the huge variety of products that Israeli and American consumers enjoy are actually manufactured in Europe.

With so much untapped potential, not to mention existing suppliers and producers, in the European market, the stage is set for big changes… and opportunities. Which is where KTrade comes in. It’s the first real opportunity of its kind for creators to meet with wholesalers, distribution specialists, and supermarket buyers.

Despite being the first event of its kind, exhibitors are in great hands. KTrade comes courtesy of the team behind the roaring success of Jewish trade expo, JTrade.

 Having just hosted the biggest and most succesful JTrade yet, the team are excited to turn their sights to the untapped potential within Europe’s kosher food sector.

KTrade organiser Ari Feferkorn explains: “It’s going to be the first opportunity many people have had in a long time to meet face to face with others in the industry. If you’re looking to make valuable new contacts, showcase the best your business has to offer, and carve out a slice of the soon to be booming European market, this is the place to be.”

It’s the best way to establish your brand in a rapidly growing sector.

Consumers throughout Europe are eager to access the huge variety of kosher goods other parts of the world enjoy. Now is the time to get your brand front and centre, and ensure your products can reach the market they deserve.

If you’re in the kosher food sector, there’s plenty on the KTrade 2022 menu to get excited about. It’s going to be a place where new connections are made, deals are fleshed out, and incredible plans and collaborations are hatched. In short, you’ll find all the ingredients required to create incredible success at the ExCel London on 11th May 2022. Can you afford to miss out on this opportunity? Book your stand now.



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