will bring together all the major – and minor – players of the kosher food sector.


will bring together all the major – and minor – players of the kosher food sector.

The event aims to introduce thousands of new products into Europe, allowing consumers previously unable to access specialty food items available elsewhere, to discover just how vast and varied the kosher world actually is. At the same time, it will provide an ideal setting for those in the sector to showcase their products to thousands of visitors, securing themselves an entirely new client base and significantly boosting future output.

KTrade will be our first foray into the kosher food field. However, it will not be the first expo we’ve done. We’re no newcomers to this kind of headline-making undertaking; making waves is what we do. In fact, the very name of the expo hints at the success of our previous big project, JTrade.


Launched in 2018, JTrade was the brainchild of Mr. Ari Feferkorn. The concept behind it was simple- why should talented Jewish entrepreneurs remain largely unaware of each other, each focusing on their own little field and recommending dubious workers when part of the required job didn’t fall under their particular speciality? Get these people under one roof, networking while simultaneously showcasing their business to the public, and voila! More sales, more deals,  expanded client pools. And so JTrade was born.

The expo exceeded its projected turnout; with almost 200 exhibitors, 3,500 visitors and property magnates who lectured at the event, the hall was packed. Attendees included various politicians as well as high profile business personalities.

The event was widely covered in media forums and was on the 2018 ‘top ten’ expo shortlist by Exhibition News (run by Mash Media).

JTrade executives were immediately flooded with requests for another event, which led to the planning of a 2019 expo with improved features.

The second expo easily outstripped its predecessor in every way – with 278 stands, over 5,000 visitors and double the floor space, JTrade had clearly established itself as British Jewry’s biggest annual business event.

Before JTrade, it wasn’t common practice to use Jewish workers for construction projects, due to total lack of awareness; now, a mere two years after the original event, 95% of the community does so.

Having seen such incredible results firsthand, we are keen to take our energy, vision and creativity to a field that requires urgent attention, a field with vast, yet previously untapped potential.

We’ve transformed the Jewish construction market; we’re confident of doing the same to the kosher food one.